Haranang Kalye (Street Serenade)

Life in a fast lane drives us crazy, crazy enough to want more and reach more. The speed blur and the wheezing wind in our speedy way to success blinds us of things, people and other mundane things that is of no importance and relevance to our quandary. We sometimes unknowingly splash mud by them from the speeding wheels of our tracks or just simply skids dirt, smoke and dust that chokes their small voices beside the road of life. These small voices if we try to hear from a distance are once was our voice, once was our longing and once reflected what we feel in the world where hurt spares no one. We may differ in some ways especially in economic state of life, but still, like them we all scamper to get through to what we want in life with honor and soul at stake. We should always be reminded that economic status does not always guarantee an honorable reputation. Character is.